My second radio interview

Full disclosure:  Before and after my last radio interview, I was a little bit of a wreck.  I was nervous and fidgety as I waited for my call from the station and, afterwards, I did not feel good at all.  I can only describe it as feeling like a deflated balloon.  I guess there had been an adrenaline rush that left my body after I hung up the phone and I was left with a headache and a queasy stomach.  Thankfully, I did not have the same experience with this interview.  Because the last one went so well, I felt confident and relaxed as I sat in a car on my cell phone 1 mile from my house.  I feel like this is important practice for me so that I can get ready for the “big interviews” that I hope will someday come.  I know that I am recording something important here.  I know that many people will benefit if they can hear my story.  I pray that the opportunities will come so that I can get my message out:

There may not be a cure for autism yet, but there is a very real way to make life better while we wait!IMG_2668

Click to listen to my radio interview:  Kati is at the 11 minute mark and Rhoni is at the 17:45 mark


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