I am an open book.  I really try to be authentic as best I can.  I have never hidden my problems or pretended to be something I am not.  People who know me know about Gray. I find that telling people about my life is liberating.  So many people feel like their kids are a reflection of themselves.  I really try to look at my kids as separate people in their own rights.  It is my job to guide them and help them to become their best and happiest selves, but however they turn out, they are their own people.  Therefore, it does not serve me to consider hiding Gray or his challenges.  Instead, I find that being open and honest makes other people relax more.  I know it makes me relax more.  Secrets are no good for anyone.

When you are transparent, people can really get to know you.  When they know you, they are more likely to be kind and compassionate in whatever situation you may find yourself.

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    Marvin Palmer February 26, 2013

    I have found that to be true also, Rhoni. I’ve recently discovered Brene Brown’s writing, and this is a central theme to her work. Pretty inspiring if you are searching for the courage to continue to be transparent.

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