Halloween 2013

DSC_0739As I have mentioned in previous posts, like Halloween Past and Future, this is probably our most favorite holiday of the year.  I guess it would be the epitome of having fun with your kids, right?  That must explain why school, therapists and family put so much emphasis on practicing trick-or-treating skills.  This year, one of Gray’s therapists had the brilliant idea to visit some of the houses where we would be visiting before the trick-or-treating began.  While we all got ready to go, she ran ahead and brought treats that Gray would like.  She explained our situation and asked them if they would let Gray finish his trick-or-treat requests on his iPad before they dropped one of our planted treats in his bag.  Of course, everyone was happy to help us out.

She returned to the house to find us still getting ready with face paint and dinner.  Since Barry and IDSC_0716 went all-out this year, I was curious to see how Gray would react to us in full face paint.  I suspect that a lot of kids with autism might be unnerved by seeing their parents transform into something scary.  Surprisingly, Gray thought it was hilarious.  He kept gazing at us and touching our faces.  In fact, when the makeup chair was empty, Gray climbed right up and tolerated a little face painting himself.


By the time that the “Big Event” was set to start, I felt completely relaxed and confident that the night would continue to be a big success.  Hope patiently allowed us to strap a black cape over her service pack and Gray practiced pushing the button on his iPad that said, “My dog is a vampire.”  Like so many other events over the last few months, Gray was able to participate fully in this event and his face DSC_0723reflected nothing but pure pleasure.  He walked nicely to the houses, used his iPad like a champ and happily opened his bag for the salty crunchy snacks that people put inside. Between houses, he beamed with pride.  I swear, I could hear his little brain saying, “this is the coolest night EVER!”

What else can I say?  Fabulous night.  Fun for all.  One more big event that I can officially move from the “stressful column” to the “highly anticipated column.”



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    Libby November 4, 2013

    great family fun!

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