This is how Bella prefers to be 21 hours a day.

This is how Bella prefers to be 21 hours a day.

Bella is our pug.  Barry says she is actually our first child.  He believes that.  As I did my required reading about dog behavior and started spotting problems in Bella’s demeanor, he got defensive and said, “Bella was here before any of these kids.  She has seniority.  Leave her alone.”

Bella agrees.

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    Cricket March 8, 2013

    Where’s Hope in The Family section? You should add her bio here :)
    You helped my family when we were dealing with a family member’s brain injury. You told me the truth when it was hard to hear and you listened with love and humor when I couldn’t get my brain wrapped around it. You are uniquely wired to do this huge job. Your family is blessed to have you. I remember when Gray was diagnosed, you said, “God gave him the perfect mother for this, because I won’t stop until I find out everything that can be done to help him.” You’re doing it. Go girl.

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