Seattle – Day 2

IMG_2886On Sunday morning, we got an early start.  With our new-found confidence in being typical tourists, we decided to get the most out of our day before we drove down to Portland.  Fortunately, there were many more breakfast tables available when we arrived and we were able to sit at a regular-height table and in regular chairs.  This worked very well.  We had 3 little angels eating a big breakfast while a dog went unnoticed under our table.  I was so happy, I could have ended the day right there.  But, NO, there was more to come!  We were a traveling family…on the go!

In the Jewish religion, we celebrate a holiday in the spring called Passover.  During the service, we often sing a song called, “Dayenu.”  This is roughly translated to mean “it would have been enough.”  In the song, we sing versus about all of the things that G-d did for us and after each one we say, “Dayenu.”  It would have been enough, but G-d did more.  It is the epitome of gratitude.  I would like to take a little poetic license and make my own version of the song:

We had a lovely breakfast and no one stared at us for having unruly children. -Dayenu

IMG_2885We took the monorail to the Space Needle. -Dayenu

We walked around the observation deck and had a fabulous time looking through the telescopes at the city below. -Dayenu

We stopped and had a leisurely snack break at the top of the Space Needle. -Dayenu

We went to the Experience Music Project Museum. -Dayenu

IMG_1281We got to see some amazing music memorabilia and play around in the horror movie exhibit. -Dayenu

We did all of these things very efficiently so that we checked out of the hotel on time and hit the road to Portland with no complications.  -Dayenu!!




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    beth July 29, 2013

    this might be my favorite entry ever. you are so clever, Rhoni.

  2. Reply
    murshed ahmmad khan August 1, 2013

    Nice write up Rhoni! Like the blog – Dayenu :).

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