Dear Tooth Fairy:

Image 1Zoe lost a tooth yesterday.  She has been fired up all week to see how much the tooth fairy would bring.  This is her first molar to go and she is certain that larger teeth should win larger cash awards.  I guess she had a moment of generosity and decided that her tooth might be used for a greater good.  As we were putting her to bed, she showed us the note that she wrote to go under her pillow along with the tooth.  Here is what it says (verbatim, I did not change or correct any part of this):

From:  Zoe

Dear: Tooth Fairy

I’ve heard that you could grant a wish instead of money but you can only do it once and then you can only give me money but if you can’t it’s ok.  But, if you can than my wish is that my brother Gray who has autism gets a cure for it.  I would like the cure for him tomorrow morning or at latest next Monday.  But again, if you can’t grant my wish it is ok.  but my friend did say she wished for a hamster and her wish came true but maybe she is lieing.  I don’t know because she has a different tooth fairy.

P.S. If you have your magic fairy dust please leave some on the bed or ground.

Then, she drew two boxes and asked the tooth fairy to leave her name and a drawing of what she looks like.

Gray may not wake up cured this morning, but he will wake up in a home with a family who loves him dearly…even if it means giving up our tooth fairy money.

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    Natalie January 11, 2014

    Pretty. Love it sweet aww

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