Danger, Will Robinson!

This was taken from a brochure that Callier put out last year

This was taken from a brochure that Callier put out last year

Today, Gray had his regular speech therapy appointment at the Callier Center for Communication Disorders.  Gray has been going here since he was first diagnosed over 5 years ago.  He is comfortable here and he knows the expectations that are placed on him when he enters his therapist’s office.  For that reason, he does not need to wear the tether during his speech therapy sessions.  Hope is placed in a down-stay near his seat and snoozes during therapy.

Unfortunately, today was fire drill day.  Ironically, Gray was not too upset with the loud noise and strobe lights.  He is a sensation seeker, so he kind of enjoyed the crazy change of pace.  Hope did not enjoy it.  It’s funny, because Kati said that Hope never really had a hard time startling at loud noises.  She has always taken those things rather well.  But, today, when that fire alarm went off, she jumped to attention.  She kept moving from the office door back to Gray.  She didn’t whimper or bark, she just kept hitting Gray with her nose and then walking back to the door.  When that didn’t work, she just sat and trembled.  No amount of reassurance or offering of treats made her feel any better.  She did not relax until the drill was over.

So, what was that about?  Gray’s therapist and I think that Hope was trying to make Gray evacuate.  She was worried that he might be in danger.  When he wouldn’t leave, she just hunkered down next to him and braced herself for the worst.  Amazing sweet dog.


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    Libby March 20, 2013

    When we had Hope she did not like loud noises either. We had to work hard at keeping her calm while exposing her to common loud noises like vacuums, church, concerts etc. But what a trooper to hunker down next to Gray & keep up her duties. She’s a professional all right! Thanks for sharing, these posts do our hearts good!

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    Beth Mayesh March 20, 2013

    I completely agree with your assessment of Hope’s behavior, Rhoni. Definitely seems like she was trying to get Gray to evacuate. No question about it. She sensed danger and wanted him out of harms way. Good good dog. These posts melt my heart. You are doing SUCH A GOOD JOB, RHONI!!!!!!!

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    Crysti March 20, 2013

    This brought tears to my eyes!! What a Great dog you have!!!

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    Sandra March 20, 2013

    I will say it a million times… Hope is an angel in the form of a beautiful dog.

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      Kati Rule March 21, 2013

      Nice work Hope! :)
      Most dogs do not like or enjoy loud noises but Hope has always shown a the ability to recovering from loud unpredictable noises. We work hard on helping and training all of our dog to recover from loud noises. During many of my “noise training” sessions Hope would continued to try and do the right thing and alert me.

      I love that she was doing her job by jumping up and trying to get Gray’s attention or get him to react to the noise/leave the situation. That is a great thing she did!

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